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    Recruitment and Placement Specialist of Permanent and Temporary Staff

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  • Driving

    Experienced LGV Class 1, ADR, HIAB, MOFFAT to Transit Drivers.

  • Industrial

    Skilled and non-skilled Warehouse/Production Operatives to Warehouse/Production Managers, Fork Lift Trucks Operators and other ancillary personnel.

  • Construction

    Site Managers, specialist Machine Operators, Skilled and Unskilled Labourers.
    All trades covered, i.e. Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, etc.

  • Office

    Administrators, Receptionists, Secretaries to qualified personnel within a variety of disciplines, e.g. Financial, Legal, Human Resources, IT, Sales, Procurement and Management.

  • Technical

    Aerospace and Defence, Aviation, Building Services, Electronics and Software and Manufacturing etc.

  • Catering

    Waiting / Bar Staff, Kitchen Porters, Chefs and Cooks.



CMCC.M.C. Recruitment specialises in the recruitment and placement of Permanent and Temporary Staff.

It – is the emphasis on specialisation which sets us apart from the other, more generalised agencies. This enables us to concentrate on making a very critical assessment of both, the client’s requirements and the applicant’s skills, qualifications and employment aspirations.

We ensure that Directors, Senior Partners and HR departments of our client companies who are responsible for recruitment only interview candidates that have been comprehensively screened and selected and proposed. Unless these are kept to a minimum, their valuable time is misused. Consider: if the computer goes down you call in a computer expert; if the sink is blocked you send for a plumber… therefore it follows that a recruitment agency that takes the time to learn all about your business should be contacted.

We ensure that our applicants/prospective job seekers do not waste their valuable time registering and then being sent on fruitless job interviews that do not match their criteria. It is imperative for us that our applicants are successfully placed in the positions that they aspire to.


We have been providing this service in Dorchester since 1995 and in other areas since 1972 and our professional approach is proved by our high success rate. When considering to which agency you are going to entrust your recruitment requirements or your job aspirations, please remember that in an area as small as Dorset most job-seekers are likely to ‘sign-on’ with every agency and some companies might well register their vacancies with more than one employment agency, but the majority tend to place their trust in companies that have longevity and a consistent track record of success.

GDPR Requirements

Here at CMC recruitment we pride ourselves in our data integrity. With this in mind we would like to ensure our candidates that we will not sell data onto any third parties. There will be no disclosure of your data without your express written consent in advance of disclosure. All data is held on secure servers and will only be kept whilst it is in use. If for any reason a candidate discontinues services with our agency data will be archived in a fully encrypted and secure manner, after a 12 week period of non usage of our services.

Clients/Candidates who register their details via the contact form/registration/email are consenting for us to hold the data provided, to aid them in the recruitment process

We will only provide data to HMRC in order to comply with legal requirements. The Directorship of CMC recruitment values your ongoing support and will be more than happy to answer any concerns you may have over data security.